Comfortable control

Easy and safe control is one of the biggest advantages of slatted cover; it is also commonly called automatic pool cover. The end positions of uncovered or covered pool are set up in the control unit and the pool is ready for use when you press a button; it is covered in the same way. The cover may be controlled from several points or using a wireless remote control.



The French standard NFP90-308 specifies conditions for the protection of children under five years from the fall into the pool and their drowning. This standard is expected to be required in all EU member states, i.e. including the Czech Republic. This regulation applies to indoor and outdoor pools.

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Design and aesthetic

Contrary to very popular polycarbonate pool covering, the slatted covering is not a blot on the garden and keeps the aesthetic impression of water surface.

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Thermal energy savings in pool heating

In operating the pool, the largest item is costs of its heating. Water level contributes to the heat losses with 80%. Installation of SAFEPOOL slatted covering will reduce the heat losses by up to 85%. Thanks to this, economic return on investment into the slatted cover is achieved in a short time.

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Hygiene and cleanliness

The slatted cover reduces pool contamination by fallen leaves and other debris. This shortens the time needed for pool maintenance.

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