Cost savings

On the chart, we can see the heat losses of uncovered and covered pool – covering the pool will save about 60% of the energy needed to heat the pool water and using solar slats provides additional 10–15% of the energy from sunlight. Using solar slats for outdoor swimming pools also replaces the complicated connection of solar cells for heating pool water.

heat losses from pool

The economic return of price for SAFEPOOL slatted cover in indoor pools ranges from 12 to 18 months thanks to significant saving of thermal energy; this value is approximately twofold in outdoor pools. The water temperature in the pool under the slatted cover is higher by 6–8 °C in average than the temperature of the uncovered pool.

The consumption of chemicals is significantly reduced when covered with slats in comparison with the uncovered pool. This is a result of reduced evaporation and protection of water from light and UV-radiation. Chlorine products are degraded more slowly and darkness prevents growth of microorganisms and algae that need light for their life. The slatted cover in indoor pools also reduces significantly water evaporation, and thus it reduces costs of dehumidification swimming pool hall and prevents vapour condensation on cold places.