Solar BIG profil 83 x 16 mm

silver solar 83x16 New polycarbonate slats provide much higher buoyant force. Size of the slats is 83 mm × 16 mm. They have closed all chambers. They are supplied as solar slats, transparent blue slats and total transparent slats. The ends are light blue or total transparent. The main advantages are as follows:
  • These revolutionary ANTI ALGAE polycarbonate solar slats have a patented lock, which prevents the formation of algae. The principle consists in that in the upper part of the lock is black colour, so that no light cannot penetrate to the lock counterpart of pair profile. The algae need for their growth only the light and heat, and if one of these two elements is missing, it prevents the growth of algae. In traditional PVC or polycarbonate solar slats, the algae can grow easily in the locks.
  • These slats have an efficiency that is 25% higher than conventional solar slats; they insulate more effectively and the heat is generated by the four chambers.
  • The lock of slats allows bending in one direction only. This increases the capacity of a profile and provides much greater protection against drowning. The slats are available in the thickness of 16 mm and the width of 83 mm. These slats provide – thanks to their size and four chambers filled with air – much greater capacity than conventional slats, which have size 14/60 mm and only three chambers filled with air.