Pool slats are a perfect way of pool covering. This system is the only one that enables automatic covering without the use of guiding rails, poles and ropes. The system uses unique extruded slats (hermetically ended); their connection creates a roller shutter that perfectly covers pool water surface.

  • Safety

    The slatted cover with an appropriate design of the pool will increase the safety of your children and pets from falling into the water.

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  • Cost savings

    The slatted cover reduces costs of heating the pool up to by 80%, significantly reduces evaporation and reduces consumption of chemical products by 60%.

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  • Design and appearance

    Safepool slats maintain an impression of water level and at the same time, they provide an exclusive pool appearance.

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  • Hygiene and cleanliness

    The slatted cover reduces pool contamination by fallen leaves and other debris. This shortens the time needed for pool maintenance.

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  • Quality

    We use high quality materials – special plastics and stainless steel, which are highly resistant. The best available components from EU are used for drives and control.

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Our Products

Type F – Underwater installation at the pool bottom in a brick compartment
Type E – Underwater installation at the pool bottom
Type D – Underwater installation below the pool bottom
Type C – Underwater installation in the pool wall
Above ground systems with bench
Covering of oval pools
Solar BIG profil 83 x 16 mm
Exclusiv slats SILVER SOLAR
Standard pool slats
Type B – Underwater installation in a niche behind the pool
Type A – Underwater installation in the pool
Solar slats
Above ground systems without bench